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Frenchpet talks about nothing while playing videogames

Oct 29, 2020

In this can't miss episode Frenchpet is playing Fall Guys while discussing his expansion plans, live streaming on Twitch, seeing capybaras on his birthday and cake. He also plays Cool Boarders 2, getting physical releases after swearing against it, having custom hentai characters done for you and many more!



Oct 26, 2020

Frenchpet Advice, the advice show that's not, is back! In this episode, Frenchpet tackles the Reddit post "How To Handle Or Lessen The Effects Of My Depressive Spiral". Listen to him talk about how you can get out of a rut and also Vitamin D.

Here's the link to the original Reddit post: 

Oct 25, 2020

Introducing FRENCHPET HANGS OUT WITH GUILT CHIP! A five part epic where Frenchpet and his music producer buddy Guilt Chip hang out and talk about video games. Bring your own beer and join in on the fun! 

In Part 1 of 5, Frenchpet and Guilt Chip talk about the absurdity of Boktai and the Sega Saturn's "black pill"....

Oct 22, 2020

In this episode Frenchpet plays the first Gran Turismo while talking about his recent bike ride, having WWE Legend Mick Foley sign a burned copy of Smackdown 2 and how nobody cares about Hardcore Holly. He also discusses biking home with a Sony Trinitron CRT TV he found in the garbage, WWF War Zone, murdering...

Oct 19, 2020

Frenchpet Advice returns! In this episode Frenchpet is taking the whole "toilet humor" tag quite literally as he discusses another Reddit post about poop. What advice will he give to someone who's partner doesn't wash his hands after taking a dump? Find out in this episode.

Here is the link to the original...